About Us

Who are "Buzzy" and "Bear"?

... actually Lisa & Peter Fleck. The name of our grill is taken from the two nicknames we both had as kids in high school. We dated each other in the summer of 1956 (41 years ago) for about 6 months and then, for whatever reason, went our separate ways. We cannot remember why. Quite by accident we were reintroduced by mutual friends on May 22, 1998. After a whirlwind courtship of meetings in Virginia Beach, Va; Atlantic City, NJ; Fredericksberg, VA and our home state Connecticut, we were married exactly one year later to the day on May 22, 1999. This could be something for Dear Abby!

Why a Flame Broiled Dog and Brat Grill?

Living in the Carolina's, Peter & Lisa felt the craving for dogs & brats they were brought up on... Namely, flame-broiled with toasted buns... somethng they looked for in the South and couldn't find. Peter was going to go to cooking school in the 50's but was discouraged in doing so and went into industrial sales for 30 years instead. Lisa had her own bread bakery business back East called Buzzy's Breads; so it was natural for the two to combine a love of food & cooking. And so, Buzzy and Bear's Grill was born!

About Our Quality Products

Serving the highest quality products like our all-beef natural casing "push cart style" hot dogs... the ones that "snap" when you bite into them! Chili & Southern Slaw are fresh made daily from the finest incredients. Sausages are meat~n~spice "quarter pounders" - Buzzy & Bear's "Perceived Value" personified! Rolls are fresh made daily at a local gourmet bakery. Dog rolls are "griddle toasted" for added flavor and crunchiness...raising the bar "one more notch" in Charlotte!  Pork Bar-B-Q is special. Hand rubbed with our won secret blend of 18 herbs & spices, smoked "low~n~slow" over hickory, pulled apaart, fat tossed out, burnt ends "Cuisinarted" and then hand blended; processed & chopped... together. Truly the filet of pork bar-b-q. Come taste the difference!

In season we feature Sweet Vidalia® Onions. Our chili is "Buzzy's Best" and made fresh daily! The slaw is Buzzy's Home-Made Best. We feature Zapp's Potato Chips from Louisiana. Back in the age before computers ruled, great potato chips were cooked in kettles, one batch at a time. Zapp's is unique, continuing in this traditional method of slow cooking thick-cut skins-on potato slices in cholesterol-free peanut oil for maximum crunchiness and flavor!

As the French say...
Laissez Les Bons Temps Rouler!!!
~ Let The Good Times Roll ~

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